The education of your child will be of great importance to you. In choosing a school you will want to be confident that your child will receive the best education possible.

As a parent your first concern will be about what is happening in the school at present. This website is designed to give you information about the school and we hope that you will find it helpful.

To help you understand our school a bit better, the following brief outline of its history, I am sure, will be of interest to you. The Reverend John Scargill, became "Parson" of West Hallam in 1639. He was Pastor of this parish for twenty three years and in 1662 he died at the age of 74. He died a bachelor. Just prior to his death he made a Will dated 10th January 1662. He left £540 for the purchase of a farm at Eastwood. He directed that the first two years rent from the farm should meet the cost of building a free school in West Hallam. The original school room was 24 feet long with an approximate width of 12 feet. The total cost of this school was approximately £76.He also directed that the school should have a Christian Foundation. The twelve original pupils actually received nine pence per week whilst at school. What a thought; paying children to go to school today! With the rising interest in education during the 19th century, an infant school for girls was built in the 1850s.

The present school is on a different site from the original one, which was built over three hundred and fifty years ago. How fortunate for West Hallam that the Reverend John Scargill had the vision to endow the school so adequately that through careful management by successive Trustees and School Governors, the school exists as it does today.

With the generous help of the Scargill Education Foundation the school has been enlarged and refurbished in order to meet the educational requirements of 21 Century life.

Although our school is a large one, it has retained a family atmosphere where the personal needs of your child will receive the best attention of our dedicated and excellent team of teachers.

2012 was a significant milestone in the life of the school and St Wilfrid's Church where John Scargill was the parson as we celebrate 350 years since the bequest was made to provide a free school. John Scargill was at the cutting edge then and with changes to the education system from September 2011, free schools are a hot topic today! September 2014 was the 350th anniversary of the opening of Scargill school. As a memory of the day, we created our 'Birthday Bunting' with every child and adult connected with the school given the opportunity to contribute a triangle of material that became a vital part of a lasting memory displayed in the new hall and ICT suite.

If you have any queries or any concerns regarding your child's primary education please do not hesitate to contact the school.

You are very welcome to visit the school to see it in action.



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