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Admission Arrangements Sept 2020 Consultation

The Governors of Scargill CE Primary School, Beech Lane, West Hallam, ILKESTON, DE7 6GU wish to consult with the local community about their proposed admission arrangements for pupils entering the school from September 2020 onwards.

A copy of the proposed arrangements can be obtained from the school website or you can request a paper copy from the school office.

Any comments should be returned to The Clerk to the Governors, c/o Scargill CE Primary School, Beech Lane, West Hallam, ILKESTON DE7 6GU no later than 21 December 2018.

A public meeting at which interested parties can ask questions and make representation about the admission arrangements will be held in the School Hall on   Monday...

This entry was posted on 25th October 2018

Bug Homes

Deer loved making their bug homes in Science. Click here to see all the fun they had.

This entry was posted on 7th July 2018

Y6 Leavers Hoodie Colours

Please see chart below for the hoodie colours.  The form and £21 in cash must returned by Friday 20th April so they can be ready for the IOW trip.  

This entry was posted on 11th April 2018

EYFS Farm Trip

Please click on the link below to view some photos from our wonderful trip to the farm

EYFS farm Trip



This entry was posted on 22nd March 2018

Superhero Rabbits

Click here to find out about the physical activities the Super Rabbits got up to on Superhero day!

Super Rabbits!

This entry was posted on 21st February 2018

Super Deer

Please click below to find out about the adventures of Super Deer


Superhero Deer

This entry was posted on 17th February 2018

Happy Hedgehogs

Please click below to find out what Happy Hedgehogs have been up to this term.



This entry was posted on 13th December 2017

Sporty Deer

Please click below to view the Autumn Term 2 Deer blog.

Sporty Dee

This entry was posted on 14th November 2017

Ordering Christmas Cards

All children will have taken home their Christmas Card Designs. On the back of these designs you will find a unique code. Please visit and input the 16 digit unique code and your child's surname- this will then bring up your child's artwork.


There are lots of items which could be ordered, which this year also includes wrapping paper! 


Please note the closing date for ordering online is 7th November- so you only have a short time to get those orders in. A percentage of the total raised will then be given back to school for us to spend on the children.



This entry was posted on 4th November 2017

EYFS celebrate Diwali

EYFS have had a fabulous day learning about Diwali. Click on the link below to see a few photos



This entry was posted on 20th October 2017

Y5/6 Bridge Building Day

We have had great day in Y5/6 studying different types of bridges, desiging and building them.  

Our design brief was:

1) Span a 50cm gap

2) Carry a toy train across safely

3) Built only using paper, masking tape & string

4) Be able to be built in a day.

As you can see, we had great fun!

The start of the day...

The end of the day...

Check out our Twitter feed for more pix!

This entry was posted on 18th October 2017

EYFS Pumpkin Fun

EYFS were given a huge pumpkin, they enjoyed using it as part of a role play session using the pumpkin as cinderella's carriage.  Afterwards they used it for lots of other fun activities.  Click on the link below to see what they used the pumpkin for.

Pumpkin Fun


This entry was posted on 12th October 2017

EYFS explore different fruits

At open day yesterday the EYFS children enjoyed a range of fruit based activities like tasting fruit juices, making fruit salad and fruit kebabs. There are a few photos on the link below.

Fruit Kebabs


This entry was posted on 6th October 2017

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival  Tuesday 3rd October.  Key Stage one  9.15 am and Key Stage 2  10.45am.  Please note the time of the KS2 Festival has been changed to 10.45 am due to late return of swimmers.  See newsletter for details of donations needed.

This entry was posted on 29th September 2017


I am delighted to report that following our recent Church School Inspection (13th June 2017) we have been awarded the OUTSTANDING grade. This is wonderful news but all the more so when put into context alongside our Ofsted experiences earlier in the year. I am so proud that the work of the governors, staff and pupils has been acknowledged.

You can read the full report by clicking on the link below but everyone will get a paper copy at some point next week.

Church School Inspection Report - June 2017


This entry was posted on 29th June 2017

KS1 Themed Day

Please click below to see the important information about our themed day on Friday 23rd June 2017.


Themed day

This entry was posted on 16th June 2017

Packed Lunch needed for Lea Green Residential

There has been a change to the Lea Green itinerary  and all children will now need a packed lunch on Thursday 15th June.

Please find a copy of the letter sent home this evening here.

Sorry for the short notice and for any inconvience caused.

The Y2 Team

This entry was posted on 13th June 2017

The importance of Communication

The importance of communication cannot be unerestimated and we, as a school, try hard to keep our communication as good as it can be. One suggestion that has been made this year is that you have one sheet that you can go to to find out the best person to talk to about a specific issue at school. The governors have approved the following document that gives this infromation in a clear and colourful way.


I would like to thank Tracy Richardson for her help and support in the development of this document.


A full sized version is available here.


This entry was posted on 24th May 2017

EYFS Summer 2 Newsletter

EYFS Summer 2 newsletter is available on the link below. It contains lots of useful information for the next term.  Please take the time to read it.  There will be a copy in the EYFS window too.

EYFS Summer 2 Newsletter


This entry was posted on 23rd May 2017

Hospitality Week 2017

Please click on the link below to see a report on Hospitality week 2017. It was a brilliant week for everyone at in our #ScargillFamily. Roll on 2018.

Hospitality week 2017

This entry was posted on 23rd May 2017

Year 1 and 2 Allotment Visit

As mentioned in our newsletter, we are planning a trip to a local allotment. (Monday 22nd May) In order for us to be able to do this safely we do need some parent helpers to come along with us. We will be walking and intend to spend the majority of the morning at the allotment. 

If you are willing and able to come with us then we will be most grateful! Please could you let your child's class teacher know by Friday 12th May. If we do not have enough helpers, then we will not be able to go. 

We will keep you posted with tweets and blog about our experiences at the allotment.

Thank you in advance!

This entry was posted on 1st May 2017

KS1 SATs Timetable

Please click below for the provisional KS1 SATs timetable. As was discussed at the Information Evening we plan to squeeze in lots of fun activities in this short half term such as a dress up day, a trip to the allotments and lots of planting (many of which are weather dependent) so please be aware the timetable may change to accomodate these.

Provisional KS1 SATs Timetable

This entry was posted on 28th April 2017

KS1 Spring Term 2 Newsletter

Please click below to see KS1 newsletter.

KS1 Spring Term 2 Newsletter

As always if you need any more information please check out Twitter, speak to yourclass teacher or write a message in your child's home/school diary.

This entry was posted on 22nd February 2017

Test page for web verification

"Demonstration of domain control for DigiCert order
#___________, Validation e-mail:"



This entry was posted on 3rd February 2017

Ofsted Inspection - 24 Janaury 2017

Please see below letter going out to parents tonight in school bags.

25 January 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

I just thought that I should give you the latest information on our Ofsted Report.  As I informed you on Monday, two HMI Inspectors visited school on Tuesday to complete our inspection.  They went to great lengths to explain that they were collecting extra evidence to be considered alongside the evidence already gathered from the first two days.

Yesterday’s inspection was a more positive experience for the school.  However, we must all now wait for the report to be rewritten and “quality assured” before you finally get your copy.  This process, as you know, takes several weeks.


This entry was posted on 25th January 2017

Ofsted Report

Ofsted have declared the inspection incomplete and a new team will be sent out to validate or amend the original judgements.  This will happen before half term.

This entry was posted on 20th January 2017

Questions & Comments from Post Ofsted Meeting for Parents

Please click on the link below to access a report on the questions and comments raised by parents at the meeting held at school on Tuesday 17th January 2017.  We have endeavoured to capture as many comments made as possible but I apologise in advance if you feel that we may have missed an important point. 

As previously stated the Governors would like to offer the opportunity for all opinions and comments to be considered and you can contact them by email on

The latest information from Ofsted is that some changes will be made to the report that you were sent out last Friday.  As soon as we receive the new report we will send it out to you as soon as possible.  We have been told that there will be a further delay of at least a week before publication on the Ofsted website.

We will try to keep you up to date with any further information.


This entry was posted on 20th January 2017

Post Ofsted Meeting for Parents - 17 January 2017

Thank you to all who atteneded the Post Ofsted Meeting for parents on Tuesday 17th January 2017.

Please click on the link below to see a copy of the powerpoint that I used at the meeting.

Power Point Presentation Post Ofsted Meeting

Over the next few days we will be working on a Question and Answer document but that may take a little time.  When it is finished we will post it here on the blog and send a reminder text.

Thank you for all your comments and questions- it is great to see that everyone wants to move Scargill forward, no matter what our feelings about Ofsted or the report.

Through this difficult time for the school let's remember to keep the pupils at the centre of our thoughts; continuing to work towards giving them the very best opportunity to achieve their full potential  - academically, socially and emotionally.

Andrew Poole  ...

This entry was posted on 18th January 2017

KS1 Christmas Update

What a busy few weeks we have had on the run up to our 'Christmas with the Aliens' performances! The children loved performing to our audiences- and would like to say a big 'THANK YOU' to all those who came to watch. We will add the donations raised to those raised by EYFS this week. Once this has been done we will let you know how much we have collected for Rainbows Children's Hospice.

This week we are looking forward to our visit to church (Tuesday 13th December) where we will be thinking about the Christmas story.


One Wednesday we will have our Christmas party, where the children will be coming to school dressed in their Christmas party clothes. We have lots of games...

This entry was posted on 12th December 2016

Christmas Dinner

Chrismas dinner for the pupils this year is on Wednesday 14th December 2016. Normal price £2.00. Please send money in week begining Monday 12th December.

This entry was posted on 2nd December 2016

Year 1/2 Dress Up Day Information

October 2017 update

We are very much looking forward to seeing KS1 children all dressed up as various animals to help us to celebrate our topic 'Carnival of Animals'. We have decided to have an animal tea party in the morning- will will provide the equipment for making sandwiches, and would like each child to bring in a cake or biscuit to go with their sandwiches.


Then in the afternoon the children will get together for an animal parade in the hall, have some animal dancing and even show us some animal songs/poems! Fun and learning going hand in hand.


Put the date in your diary Thursday 20th October 2016! The animals are coming to school!!!!

This entry was posted on 9th October 2016

Year 1/2 Dress Up Day

The children have settled in brilliantly, and we are so proud of them and their readiness to learn. The Year 1/2 team have also been busy preparing exciting lessons to inspire the children. 


Hot off the press... in a meeting held today it was decided that we would like to have an animal themed dressing up day to celebrate all our wonderful animals as part of our topic this term. We would like the children to come dressed as an animal on Thursday 20th October


Y1/2 Team 



This entry was posted on 14th September 2016

Y2 Lea Green


Please see below the final letter about the Y2 residential on Friday.




This entry was posted on 6th July 2016

Year 3/4 Sports Day postponed!

Due to poor weather conditions the Year 3/4 Sports Day, originally scheduled for Wednesday 29th June, has been postponed until Thursday 14th July at 9:30am. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding. Y3/4

This entry was posted on 28th June 2016

Hospitality Week

What a lovely week we have had Scargill this week. We have been focusing on hospitality across the whole school: thinking about how we can be more open to others; welcoming people into our school; thanking those who do things for us; learning about sharing in maths; finding out about how people in other countries have lives which are both similar and different to our own and how we can show other that we care for them in a variety of ways.

This has involved learning through play, reading stories such as Giraffe's Can't Dance and Mr Mean, planning and hosting events and learning from the bible. Children have also written their own Mr Men stories about hospitable attitudes and traits, baked and created gifts, performed and generally done lots of fun active learning about how to be a more hospitable person. There have been events hosted for Grandparents, communities members, kitchcen, MDS and office staff -...

This entry was posted on 24th June 2016

Y1/2 sports day

Y1 and Y2 are looking forward to their sports day on Tuesday 28th June at 9.30am.  Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school and sunhat, suncream and a water bottle if hot weather. Parents/carers and family are welcome to come and watch.  Gates will be open until 9.15am, after that you will need to enter via the school office.

This entry was posted on 24th June 2016

Y2 newsletter

Please see below for this half term's newsletter - the spelling test date is incorrect below - it will be on Friday 15th July.

Y1/2 sports day is 9.30am on Tuesday 28th June.