Please see below letter going out to parents tonight in school bags.

25 January 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

I just thought that I should give you the latest information on our Ofsted Report.  As I informed you on Monday, two HMI Inspectors visited school on Tuesday to complete our inspection.  They went to great lengths to explain that they were collecting extra evidence to be considered alongside the evidence already gathered from the first two days.

Yesterday’s inspection was a more positive experience for the school.  However, we must all now wait for the report to be rewritten and “quality assured” before you finally get your copy.  This process, as you know, takes several weeks.

On behalf of the whole #scargillfamily, I would like to thank everyone who wrote emails, sent cards or bought presents.  Your thoughtfulness, kindness and support through a difficult time for the school is much appreciated.

 Your sincerely

 Andrew Poole