Art & Design

Curriculum Intent for Art and Design

At Scargill, we believe that every child should have access to a rich and varied art and design curriculum. This begins with our Reception children, where they explore a variety of materials and experiment with techniques through ‘Expressive Arts and Design’. Further on in Scargill children embed and deepen these skills with our progressive curriculum.  It is our aim to nurture creativity and imagination so that our children are confident and inquisitive learners. We believe that art and design is a springboard into learning about culture, developing knowledge of society (both past and present) and encouraging children to connect with their world.

It is well documented that visual arts support mental well-being, confidence building and the development of a positive self-esteem. This is why, post-Covid-19 when mental health is at the fore, our art and design curriculum is as integral as ever to our learning at Scargill. We believe it is important that the arts are not sidelined to make way for core subject catch up.

We are passionate about developing the whole child and are certain that through studying art, our children will develop a host of transferrable skills such as critical thinking, expression of ideas and intercultural understanding.

We strive to give our pupils equal opportunity to create art regardless of experience, background, ability or disability. It is an area in which every child can and will thrive given the right guidance.