Design Technology

Curriculum Intent for Science Design Technology

Design Technology is a taught subject that all children have the opportunity to learn, develop and progress within during their time at Scargill Primary School. It is an integral part of STEM learning opportunities, and offers the opportunity for children to develop a love of, and enjoyment of Design Technology as they learn and progress with their knowledge and skill development. These skills can then underpin a wide level of practical applications, as well as offering the opportunity for all children to showcase their learning and products.


Our aims for Design Technology

Design Technology is a largely practical learning opportunity; as such our aims reflect this. Our shared aims also encompass the wider impact of design technology; looking beyond the curriculum to include elements from other curriculum areas as well as the wider impact upon the learner.
  We aim:

-        To provide children with the opportunity to make quality products.

-        To provide children with the opportunity to explore food and cooking techniques along with healthy eating and environmental issues within food production.

-        To develop design and making skills, knowledge and understanding to the best of each child’s ability; using and selecting a range of tools, materials and components.

-        To become creative problem solvers as individuals and members of a team.

-        To develop an ability to criticise constructively and evaluate their own products as well as others.

-        To help children develop an understanding of the ways people in the past and present have used design to meet their needs. To then reflect upon this and evaluate such techniques. 

-        To offer enterprise opportunities involving elements of Design Technology.