Curriculum Intent for English.

Our overall vision for English is to instil a love for reading and the written and spoken word which will broaden our children’s horizons and give them greater access to the cultural life of our nation. This shall be achieved through various activities during the school day and include daily ERIS (Everybody Reads In Scargill) sessions, whole class ‘shared’ reading and opportunities to ‘hook’ the children into writing to engage and enthuse them. Reading events are held during the year to encourage parental involvement in their child’s reading.

We ensure that all children reach their potential and that suitable support will be given to allow all learners the same opportunities in English. Therefore, all pupils will be closely monitored to ensure they are making at least expected progress in each year group. They shall attain national average or better scores in their end of key stage SATS assessments so that they are fully equipped for life at secondary school and beyond into further education and adulthood.