Friendship Ambassadors

At Scargill, we believe that all children should be happy and content. We aim to provide a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our pupils so they can learn and reach their potential in a relaxed and secure environment. With this in mind, we have Friendship Ambassadors who help ensure that all children in their class are happy, play well and are kind to each other.  The Friendship Ambassador for each class has been selected by their class- chosen as the person the children would like to turn to if they are feeling sad or feel they need to talk to someone.  Friendship Ambassadors also encourage inclusion at break times and lunchtimes.
The Friendship Ambassadors are confident, helpful pupils who help create harmony between pupils and ensure that no child is being left out or bullied.  They know who to speak to for further help and assistance should it be needed.
To be selected as a Friendship Ambassador it is a great privilege and therefore, they take the role seriously, which in turn ensures good communication between pupils and staff, helping to ensure inclusion and happiness flowing throughout the year groups.