Medical Needs

Medical Needs in School


At Scargill we are an inclusive school that understands that every child is different and therefore their needs are met in different ways.  We ensure that this includes their medical needs.  Providing the right support and care we aim to provide the children with the opportunity to have full learning experience, where any medical conditions are supported and cared for wherever possible.  The medical needs coordinator, Mrs Chisholm, can be contacted at any time to discuss individual requirements by contacting: info@scargill.derbyshire.sch.uk

Health care plans can be individualised to ensure the best possible care and treatment is available during the school day so that every child has the maximum capacity to attend school daily and have access to quality teaching and learning. 

The school staff are experienced in dealing with a number of medical conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, Anaphylaxis, eczema etc.  A high percentage of the staff are first aid trained.

Emergency asthma inhalers are available within school and a consent form for these can be completed and handed to the office.  Individual Health Care Plans can also be updated at any time during the year if there are any changes to the child’s condition or requirements.