Attachment and Relationship Aware School

Attachment and Relationships Aware School

Since 2020 we have been working with Derbyshire Virtual School as part of their Attachment and Relationships Aware Schools programme. This has involved us completing training and projects around attachment needs and early trauma. In June 2022 we were proudly awarded as an ARAS (Attachment and Relationships Aware School), recognising our commitment to our staff, pupils, parents and community. 


We are now part of a network of more than 90 schools within Derbyshire, who support and share our attachment aware practices.


Derbyshire’s ‘Attachment and Relationships Aware Schools’ are a county wide network of schools and settings, committed to working in an attachment aware and trauma informed way, to ensure the best possible outcomes for vulnerable learners and indeed ALL learners. The award-winning Attachment and Relationships Aware Schools programme was designed and is delivered by Derbyshire’s Virtual School. All the Attachment Aware Schools in Derbyshire’s network are committed to understanding children’s behaviour as a means of communication of need, and that relationships in education are the most powerful means to motivate, engage and inspire all of our young learners.

For further information contact: Miss Clutterbuck or Miss West (school ARAS lead teachers)

For more information about how this links to our Thrive Approach please click on the Thrive link.