Global Committee

Global Committee

The Global Committee are working hard to link our school to the wider world – through our eco work and link with schools in India. An elected representative from each class meet on a regular basis to monitor and make further decisions about our global journey. The children greatly enjoy making decisions and informing and guiding the school towards our final goal.  

The global committee also work on the Eco-schools programme.

Eco-Schools is a global programme, empowering children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness though helping to make sustainability an integral part of school life. We are aiming to achieve our green flag and the children are working hard to make to drive the change at Scargill. 

Our first step is to achieve our bronze award. After carrying out a survey of our school – looking at how Eco Friendly our school is, the children have chosen three areas which they would like to improve in our school. 

These are: 

Litter -Aim: To make the school grounds and the local area as clear of litter as possible.

Waste – Aim: To recycle as much food waste as possible within school.

School Grounds- Aim: To make better use of our lovely school grounds. 

In June 2020 we were awarded the Eco Schools Bronze Award in recognition of our work towards becoming sustainable and environmentally friendly school. 
Take a look at some photos from our 2021 Eco Day!
Our Global committee are also involved in raising awareness and funds for our link school in India (for more information see Our Church School section of the website).
During the Covid 19 lockdown and partial school closure we organised a Walk to Kolkata event and raised £450 to support Cathedral Relief Service's Covid-19 emergency appeal.