Curriculum Intent for Computing


At Scargill, we believe that every child should be prepared for an ever changing world based around technology. It is our aim to provide all children with the skills and knowledge to use technology effectively, respectfully and safely in a positive way. We want the children to be able to use technology to be able to support their lives and education as well as having the skills to remain safe when being online.  

We want the children to be curious by new technology whilst having the skills to adapt their prior knowledge to these new pieces of hardware and software. Furthermore, we want children, from reception to Y6, to be able to use vocabulary confidently when discussing and using these pieces of hardware and software. We want the children to be independent in their use of technology by the end of KS2 and have the confidence to be able to use technology to effectively.    

In addition, we want to provide opportunities for the children to use their computing knowledge, skills and vocabulary in different areas across the curriculum which will further embed their learning from reception to Y6. 

Please see the documents below which outline the learning completed. The learning is planned on a two year cycle (A and B) to ensure coverage of all the National Curriculum Objectives. This document also outlines the Online Safety taught to classes. 
Vocabulary for Computing
Please see the Mixed Year Group Overview below for the vocabulary taught and used throughout the Computing lessons. 
Computing in Reception
Computing in Reception is taught through providing opportunities for children to become aware of what technology looks like within their classrooms and homes as well as providing children the opportunity to use age appropriate software and hardware. Most of this teaching and learning is achieved through continuous provision. However, Online Safety is taught within reception discretely.