Generosity- helping others
Here at Scargill we love to help others whenever we can and one way we do this is through raising awareness and fundraising for a variety of charities. On this page you can find the latest charity we are raising funds for, along with details of previous fundraising efforts.
We would like to thank our staff, children, parents and the wider community in making this page possible, because with it is a team effort in raising donations for the valued charities. 
Our Latest Just Giving Page 
Non fundraising at the moment.
Previous fundraising
Comic Relief             March 2021                        £422. 
Rainbows Hospice      December 2020                 £141.
Children in Need        November 2020                 £523.50 
Hello Yellow Day (Young Minds) October 2020     £673.50
Cathedral Relief Service (India Link Walk to Kolkata)  Summer Term 2020 £450.