Curriculum Intent
At Scargill, our vision for music education is that pupils will gain a love and understanding of music in its many forms. Music is directly or indirectly a part of everyone’s lives. It provides social and individual enjoyment, fosters emotional responses and can have spiritual significance; it is a powerful form of expression. Our aim is that children will gain knowledge about the building blocks of music so that they can listen to, appreciate and most all, experience enjoyment when making music together. At Scargill, we also provide opportunities for children to go further in their musical experiences by taking up instrumental lessons. We believe that children need to be exposed to as broad a range of styles, genres and musical cultures as possible in order to enrich musical experiences. Not only is music important on its own, but has strong cross curricular links with art, dance, drama and worship, for example. We use these links in our teaching across a range of subjects to help broaden understanding of the music curriculum.
At Scargill, we teach music using the Charanga scheme of work- an overview of the curriculum is available below